Going Green: 6 Innovative Ways Hotels are Saving the Planet

The true adoption of sustainability comes when being eco is not something a property does. It defines who they are. This adoption may not be as rapid as many of us would have liked, but it’s happening and becoming more apparent now.

Here are a few examples of small green initiatives with huge impacts that caught our fancy.

1. Incentivising Use of Glass Cups Instead of Disposable Coffee Cups

A boutique lodge in the far north of New Zealand — Whangaparoa Lodge takes its part in saving the planet quite seriously. In its raft of simple — but effective — initiatives is a tie-up with the local Coffee Guy (a mobile coffee vendor) across the road. When guests take a coffee mug from their room to get a coffee instead of using a takeaway cup, they’re given a discount. Works like a treat!

Whangaparaoa Lodge

2. No Plastic Straws, Thanks!

An initiative that’s gained much publicity recently — rightly so too! — IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) will be removing straws from its menu by 2019. That’s 5,400 properties around the world not using straws! It takes 200 years for one plastic straw to decompose and they can’t be recycled in most places. Americans alone use 500 million straws daily — now calculate the impact their removal makes!

InterContinental Hotels Group Activities — STAAH

3. Sending Food Waste To Piggeries

Another innovation in sustainability comes from the desk of Mr. Suhail Kannampilly, COO, The Fern Hotels & Resorts, India. Their unique Green Button is an innovation that gives guests the power to switch to a more environmentally friendly way of working (eg. turning up the air conditioning by two degrees). The button sits by the bedside and connected to a smart system. And, while this may require investment, hotels can take a leaf from this group by doing something as simple as sending food waste to piggeries — another eco initiative by The Fern Group.

Sending Food Waste To Piggeries — STAAH

4. Timely Reminders

From recycled materials to wooden keys and plants, 1 Hotels story of sustainability is inspirational. What stands out as simple things properties around the world can adopt — without much investment — are reminders for guests. 1 Hotels has installed shower timers in its rooms to show guests how a few minutes saved can add up to making a big difference.

1 Hotels

5. No More Plastic Jam Containers

In its bid to reduce its usage of plastic, Jet Park Auckland Airport Hotel has removed plastic jam containers from its restaurant. Plastic bin liners are a no-no. And that’s just the small ways this environmentally conscious property is making a difference.

Jet Park Auckland Airport Hotel

6. Reward Reuse Of Linen

The Orchid in Mumbai [India] has a linen reuse programme. While linen is changed every day as a standard practice, guests staying longer can opt-in to reuse their linen. To encourage this practice, guests who opt-in are rewarded with a gift and certificate of appreciation. The Orchid has been a pioneer of Indian hospitality’s green movement and sets the bar high for other hoteliers to follow.

The Orchid Hotel Mumbai

Got a sustainability story to share? An initiative you’d like to take out to the hoteliers to adopt and make a difference? Tell us about it at marketing@staah.com.

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Leading provider of Hotel Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Hotel Website, Gift Voucher System and Review Management System.

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