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For hoteliers and accommodation providers this means changing their marketing strategy to attract local guests. Domestic tourism and staycation are the talks of the town. But how do you get this in-demand — sometimes even elusive audience — through the door?

1. Focus on the off-season

Hoteliers and vacation rentals have slowly started opening their doors to a more competitive market than ever before.

Focus on the domestic audience

Mobile Guide

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing your website for smartphones and tablets.

It’s not just about getting visits to the website. It’s about getting quality traffic for that book.

Build a Website That Attracts and Retains Users

New opportunities … new days

Booking Engine

On a hotel website, the most important component is the booking engine. A seamless guest experience begins with a simple & powerful online booking system, designed to deliver more direct bookings.

What is a Booking Engine?


With international travel still, a distant dream, hotels, and vacation rentals are rolling out the red carpet to lure locals via staycation ideas.

The virus struck and doing everything to save your business, do you suddenly find yourself taking the digital marketing reins but don’t know where to begin?

1. What is digital marketing?

Social Media

Connecting with your audiences with the right kind of message is important on social media. This blog shares some tips to help you stay on the right side of social posting during the current pandemic.

  1. 1. Your guests or potential new guests will visit your social media pages to stay informed.
  2. Keeping them updated with the latest information and share content about services, opening, post-COVID hygiene measures, etc. is critical.
  3. 2. Social media is an affordable way to reach many. It is arguably a less expensive marketing channel.
  4. 3. Social media is important to create…

Upselling and Pricing Intelligence Platforms

With STAAH’s integration to Upselling partners, STAAH customers can seamlessly drive more revenue and upsell efficiently to their guests with tailored needs.

Here is a list of Upselling platforms you can try:



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