Guest experience has evolved from just loyalty programmes to creating immersive experiences across the entire guest journey.

While hotels are meeting basic lodging needs, today’s consumers want — and expect — much more from each stay. Hoteliers need to turbocharge the guest experience and tune into their needs to drive loyalty and increase repeat business.

In this blog, we look at some ways hoteliers can elevate the…

It’s time to look into the crystal ball and see what the travel and hospitality industry can expect in 2022 and beyond.

After the roller coaster that the last two years have been, the industry is breathing a collective sigh of relief as people have started thinking about travel more seriously. With vaccines and digital health passports in place, travel dreams can finally become a reality again.

But, you can expect some…

There is no mistaking the importance of online reviews for hospitality. 85% customers trust online reviews before making a booking.

Guests read as much as seven reviews before forming their opinion. Which sites do they prefer? And how can you make sure you have a positive presence on them? Let’s explore.

Online review sites you cannot ignore

There is no shortage of online review sites. While the general review sites such as Facebook can offer a…

Here’s a list of top hotel booking revenue makers across the globe. Is your property connected to them?

STAAH, one of the leading cloud-based hotel distribution and guest booking platforms, has unveiled the lists of online channels that brought the greatest booking revenue to hotels and vacation rentals in 2021.

The lists, which vary across 10 of the world’s popular travel destinations, reveal a broader range of consumer…

A channel manager or a Hotel channel manager is a system that handles the online distribution of your hotel rooms so you can manage them easily from one place. Here is a guide for beginners to understand how it can help hoteliers and accommodation providers.

When a customer books a room from one website, availability is automatically updated across all other channels including your property’s booking engine.

Let us explain why you need it and how does it work:

Why is it important for accommodation providers?

A channel manager is very important for hoteliers as it helps easy management and implementation of…

Like every other marketing channel, the email marketing landscape is constantly changing. Let’s take a look at the latest tips to stay ahead in this game.

1. Get personal

Let’s get one thing straight, addressing a subscriber by name is not personalisation.

Personalisation is the fine art o f understanding your audience, sending timely emails and being relevant. To win the game of personalisation, you need to know more about your client — then apply this understanding to win…

For hoteliers and accommodation providers this means changing their marketing strategy to attract local guests. Domestic tourism and staycation are the talks of the town. But how do you get this in-demand — sometimes even elusive audience — through the door?

Pre-COVID, the word travel generally meant going away to far-away places and saving up holiday leave for a long getaway.

2020 changed all that.

COVID-19 has meant that we either don’t travel or if we do, it’s local. International travel is a thing of the past with no signs of…

There’s never been a better time to learn a new skill or brush up on your knowledge of a certain topic. Free online courses during this period are proving to be a blessing, as these courses are helping people upskill themselves, and are an extremely productive way to utilize time.

Several reputed organizations such as Google, Harvard, Oxford have allowed free access to their resources and are also providing digital certifications. Saving you from the internet clutter, we have shortlisted few such portals and take you directly towards upskilling yourself.

Think with Google


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