There’s never been a better time to learn a new skill or brush up on your knowledge of a certain topic. Free online courses during this period are proving to be a blessing, as these courses are helping people upskill themselves, and are an extremely productive way to utilize time.

Several reputed organizations such as Google, Harvard, Oxford have allowed free access to their resources and are also providing digital certifications. Saving you from the internet clutter, we have shortlisted few such portals and take you directly towards upskilling yourself.

Think with Google

Even before COVID, hotel marketing was not easy due to the highly competitive nature of this industry.

Well, guess what? Things have become a whole lot tougher as demand has shrunk and everyone from a five-star resort to a motel and vacation rental is clamoring to get bookings just to sustain.

So, what promotions can you push out that get people so excited they can’t wait to…

Let us take you to the basics if you are a beginner or new to hotel distribution, hotel software, and online hospitality technology.

Gone are the days where travel booking and reservations were only possible by visiting travel agencies or ordering by phone. Travel websites and mobile apps have been making digital travel arrangements increasingly easy.

Hotel distribution technology is a complicated beast. Plus, it changes constantly. …

Before you dismiss social media as being ineffective, revisit your strategy, especially now. Are you making these common mistakes?

Social media is an invaluable tool in a property’s arsenal nowadays, as it facilitates immediate feedback and connection with potential guests. Yet it is not uncommon to hear property owners saying social media is ineffective for them.

If you feel the same, revisit our strategy. Are you making one of…

One of the easiest mediums to engage with customers, Instagram actively adds new features every month that can attract conversion.

Instagram is not only popular among the millennial, but is also a go-to platform for influencers, travelers, bloggers, online bookers, backpackers, social media lovers, et al., and thus being active on this channel can be hugely advantageous. …

As revenues shrink, increasing productivity has become a pressing priority. To be competitive, you must be able to run your hotel efficiently — yet profitably.

Efficiency brings greater price flexibility and resilience, which in today’s tough times is like gold. It is also not easy to measure as a return on investment. …


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